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You’re not alone if you’ve been considering paying for Google reviews. After all, good reviews can help attract new customers and boost your bottom line. However, before you hand over your hard-earned cash, you should know that it’s against Google’s policies to buy reviews. If you’re caught paying for them, your business could get penalized—or even banned from the platform entirely. So, what’s a business owner to do? Can anything be done to increase your chances of getting more positive reviews? While there’s no surefire way to get people to leave five-star reviews, you can try a few things. Here are a few ideas:

Make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

The easier you make it for customers to leave reviews, the more likely they’ll do it. That means providing links to your business’s Google listing on your website, in your email signature, and even on physical receipts. The more places customers see your listing, the more likely they are to leave a review—especially if they had a positive experience with your business.

Offer an incentive

One way to increase the number of reviews left for your business is by offering an incentive—such as a discount or freebie—in exchange for a review. Just be sure you don’t explicitly ask for positive reviews, as that could violate Google’s policies. Instead, try something like, “Thanks for choosing our business! We’d appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Google.

Respond to both positive and negative reviews.

When customers take the time to leave a review—positive or negative—it shows that they care about your business. So show that you care about them by responding promptly to all reviews—good and evil. Not only will this help build customer loyalty, but research has shown that businesses that respond to online reviews see an increase in revenue of 3%.


Paying for Google reviews might seem like a quick and easy way to boost your ratings—but it’s not worth the risk. Not only is it against Google’s policies, but your business could be penalized (or even banned from the platform entirely) if you’re caught doing it.


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