How to delete a Google Review

How to delete a Google Review

Learning how to delete a Google review that you’ve written yourself is super easy. However, learning how to remove a negative Google review of your business is an entirely different process. Potential customers want to see what real people want to say about you before they take your service or trust you. While a negative review will not sink your business, it can certainly have a detrimental effect on people or other retailers. Without a customer review management system, a series of bad reviews can almost shut down your company’s business. What can you do about it? Is there a way to remove bad reviews from Google?

  The answer is yes, you can delete your Google review. Below are some ways to remove negative reviews from Google search results. This will teach you how to clean up your brand’s online reputation on the world’s most popular search engine.

The advantage of conducting negative reviews is that you get more positive reviews. Getting new positive reviews can soon improve your average star rating and your ranking. However, in case of bad or possibly fake reviews, what you can do to remove Google reviews is very important.

Is it possible to remove someone’s Google review that left?

In short, yes. There may be times when false or derogatory comments are made, so you need to know how to remove these false or derogatory reviews. If you feel that a review of your company has been unfair or a review has been misunderstood, then you can take such action.

Google reviews and complaints can bring down any business. This is more detrimental to new or small businesses. The good news is that you can debate a Google review. However, this process is not easy and it can also be frustrating.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as manually removing reviews from your own Google Account. You expect Google to contact you and they will remove your Google reviews, but there is no guarantee that they will listen to you but remove the review for you.

Some infringement reviews that Google may remove

Here are 10 types of reviews that are prohibited and restricted by Google’s review policy, and may be requested by Google for automatic removal.

01. Spam and Buy Google Reviews that are posted to manipulate ratings. Which has been posted more than once from different accounts.

02. Posting off-topics, such as political speeches or personal sarcasm.

03. Promotional action will be taken or something will be purchased that fails to comply with local laws. The latter includes limited content such as alcohol, guns, drugs, gambling, adult services, and more.

04. Illegal or illegal activity, such as copyrighted material, endangered animal products, human trafficking, graphic violence, etc.

05. Terror of nature.

08. Children who are sexually abused or exploited in any way.

08. Offensive, obscene activities.

08. Dangerous, harassing or intimidating, or inciting hatred.

09. Representing others in disguise.

10. Dishonest or biased. This includes posting your own business reviews yourself (or an employee doing it for you) and trying to manipulate competitor ratings.

How to delete a bad Google review for your services

Unfortunately, it does not have a large “Delete” button. However, if you have your own business that has received a bad Google review, there are several ways for you to remove the review.

Respond to reviews

One of the first steps a business owner can take to remove a Google review is to respond to the reviewer. Speak right, then customers can remove their own Google reviews. In a very short time, you can minimize losses, because other potential customers will see your side and learn something about your customer.

Here are some tips and tricks for responding to negative reviews:

01. Please respond quickly

02. Cannot be defensive and do not personalize it

03. Apologize if necessary and offer to correct it

04. Keep the response short and keep the point

05. Personalize conversations like text or email

 And try to make the difference between withdrawing or dismissing a bad review from a reviewer. Ask the person to contact your company so you can investigate the specific issue that caused them to make a bad review in the first place. If they follow, do what you can to have a positive experience.

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