How to remove bad reviews

How to remove bad reviews from Google Local

To remove bad reviews from Google Local, follow these steps:

01. Log in to your Google Account.

02. Open Google Maps.

03. Search for your business.

04. Choose a review of your business.

05. Select all reviews.

07. If you want to see the reviews that you are thinking to remove, click on the three dots in the top right corner.

06 “Mark as inappropriate” then select.

07. Fill out the “Report a Policy Violation” form.

09. Click Submit.

Google will then assist you through the legal process of removing the review.

How to reduce Bad negative reviews

To reduce negative reviews, try these strategies:

Calmly explain your response to the negative review.

Request and promote more positive reviews.

Reconcile situations and then politely impress your customers (offline) so that they are willing to update their negative reviews to reflect positive results.

With any company, it is impossible to get 100% 5-star reviews. There will always be customers who have less of your business experience than stars. So use the tips above.

How to respond to Google reviews

Not sure how to log in so you can respond to reviews? This can be done quite easily on Google. Follow these steps below:

  • First, make sure you list your business – that is, registered yourself as a Google owner. This will give you access to Google’s search results list, so you can edit website information – then go to and enter your business description, then respond to the review by claiming your business listing.
  • Sign in to Google My Business (if you haven’t already, set up this account first) and select the location (if you have a multiplier) with the reviews you need to respond to.
  • In the menu bar, select “Review”. Then click “Respond” next to the review you want to work with.
  • Type your responses and click “Submit”.

Review a flag

If you think a review you’ve received is duplicate, inappropriate, or promoted to a competitor, you can flag it for review by Google. Only reviews that violate Google policy will be removed.

To flag a review, follow these steps:

01. Log in to Google My Business.

02. Select location (if more than one)

03. In the menu, select “Review”

04. Find the review in question then click on the three-dot menu, then select “Mark as inappropriate”.

It may take up to a few days for Google to review your request and determine if Google will delete your review. If possible, ask other people to flag the Google review as well, so that it can attract more people’s attention as an offensive review and encourage Google to remove the review.

Flagging reviews or responding to unfair comments are sometimes removed by Google. But if those strategies fail, the next step is to fix the review report with Google Small Business Assistance.

How to remove the Google review you left behind

Have you ever left a bad review for your service/business and then had a second thought? If you realize that your review has been unfair, you can ask yourself if you would like to delete your written review. So how do you do that?

You may have skipped the review using Google Maps. If so, go back to Google Maps and follow the steps below:

  • In the upper left corner, you will see the menu bar icon represented by three lines. Click here.
  • Click “Your contributions”, and then select “Reviews”.
  • Find the review you want to delete.
  • Click on the “More” icon (three dots)
  • You can choose to edit or delete reviews.

How to remove bad Google reviews from the map

If this is the Google review you left behind, you can remove Google reviews from the map by following these eight steps:

01. Log in to your Google Account.

02. Open Google Maps.

03. Click on the menu in the top left corner.

04. Click on your contributions.

05. Choose Review.

06. Click next to the specific review you are about to delete.

07. Select Delete.

08. Follow the instructions.

Another option is to edit your review instead of deleting it. Do this by following the same steps above, but then select Edit after clicking more.

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